Coronavirus Disinfecting

We use a vaporisation treatment that disperses non-toxic, noncorrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses, bacteria and fungi including Coronavirus. 

Our Fogging works immediately, and once the treatment is complete, the space is free of any viruses, bacteria and fungi.  

Because of its speed and far reaching capabilities, the treatment causes minimal disruption and is 10 times faster than traditional cleaning methods.

How it Works

A fogging machine is a dispenser which uses air pressure to produce a very fine fog enabling the efficient application of various types of chemical solutions such as bactericides, virucides, insecticides, pesticides and odour control products.

These machines have become extremely important in the fight against Coronavirus  as they are able to disinfect both small and large areas quickly and effectively with the fine mist accessing every surface of the room which otherwise would be difficult to treat and in a fraction of the time it would take to sanitise all the same surfaces by hand.

Who Needs Fogging Services?


• New Houses  • Apartments
• Old Houses  • Holiday Lets
• Rented Houses  • Caravans


• Offices • Shops  • Care Homes • Salons
 • Dentists  • Restaurants  • Pubs
• Hotels  • Nurseries  • Schools


• Taxis  • Buses  • Trains

Fogging kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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